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Die Cast Pro has searched Amazon.Com for the best selection of Die Cast Items.  We have compiled a "one-stop" index of items that we hope our visitors will like.  There are over 200 items to choose from.   The selection may be viewed a number of ways:

Fast & Easy:   Complete Listing - No Thumbnails (Default Setting)

Good for general browsing when you do not know the manufacturer

Fast & Informative:  Manufacturer Index with Thumbnails (always available in lower-left window

See models by brand with thumbnails - good if you know what company makes your model

Slow, Easy and Informative:  Complete Listing - Thumbnails

Index with Thumbnails (all items) - Not recommended unless you have a fast connection - 200 pictures take a long time to load.  Can be very useful if you want to browse the full catalog of available items with thumbnails.

All three methods of viewing provide the option to view a large picture of items by clicking the camera icon or by clicking the small picture.  The large image appears in this window.

To order, simply click the phrase "Click here for info or to buy".  A new window will open with the item displayed.  You may read more about the item before you decide to purchase it.   When you finish viewing or purchasing the item, close the window to return to this menu.

Amazon will ship all items ordered during your visit to Die Cast Pro at one time if they are all in-stock.  If you order items several hours apart they may be shipped separately.  If you have registed with Amazon.Com your name will automatically be displayed when you view items from this menu.

Some images in our menu may not display.  Amazon.Com sometimes has items available for which no picture is on file.  If you see a broken image or a red "x" where the image would be, it does not mean that the item is unavailable.  If you are interested in the item, Click to view info or to buy and check for availability.  The missing image most often occurs on brand new items, so there is a good chance that the item you are interested IS available.

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