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HDMI Cable

It's a little surprising that the camera does not come with the HDMI cable.  The first time I connected to a wide-screen TV monitor, the pictures were "OK", but I was disappointed by the display quality.  I concluded if the camera could transmit 1080i for movies, it probably did the same for stills, and the manual more or less says it does.  And a mini-HDMI plug is found on the camera.  So I looked around and found the Canon cable for about $30. 

That seemed expensive so I went to Best Buy.  When will I ever learn.  I have repeated this cycle of online shopping, Best Buy (for instant gratification) and then ordering online.  This time Best Buy was out of the mini-to-standard HDMI cable but was happy to offer me an $80 adapter and a$100 cable.  The Canon cable started to look a bargain, and in the end I saved even more money buying a quality third-party unit. 

When I connected the camera to the wide-screen HD-TV, the image quality was stunning.  The fully value of the camera may be seen just by using the correct cable!









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