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Update 5/17/2010


I'm not sure if I should be surprised or not the camera does not come with Compact Flash Memory.  If I think of the memory cards as a the modern-day equivalent to film, I guess it makes sense to let the consumer to choose their own memory card.  It also artificially reduces the cost of the camera to leave it out of the package.  In any case, I purchased a 16GB UDMA 300x Speed card to avail myself of the full performance this camera is capable of providing.  As a cost-saving move, I purchased a second, smaller card to have as a back-up/overflow option.


I was given a generous gift card and decide to use it to increase the speed and size of my memory card.  I actually did run out of memory while shooting Tom's baseball game so had used the 4GB back-up card, which came in handy.  But having 32GB at my disposal should keep me going a little longer!









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