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This section deals with a collection of cards that I purchased at a fleamarket several years ago.  I do not speak or write German, but have transcribed the text on the back of the cards into the description of each page.

I would welcome more information about these cards.  Please drop me a line (in English if possible) with any information you might have.

The cards are numbered.  I think there are 255 cards in the entire series (I don't have them all).  The web pages and images bear these numbers.  Each card illustrates a German car from the '30's.  I believe the cards were made and distributed in the '30's.  On the back of each card is a brief description of the car (or other mechanical device) and ordering instructions, presumably for an album to store the cards:

"Das reich ausgestattete Original-Sammel-Album zum Preise von RM 1, - ist zu beziehen durch den Spezial-Handel oder direkt gegen Voreinsendung des Detrages auf Postscheck- Konto Berlin Nr.23743 vom "Bilderdienst", Berlin-Pankow, Berliner Straße"

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