Jack "Rabbit" Special

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~ FOR SALE ~Jack in the Box "Jack Rabbit" Special

3/4 Front View
Detail of Back and Front of Decal with Ruler - Click to Enlarge Lapel Button Detail - Click to Enlarge

"Jack-In-The-Box" Jack Rabbit Special 6421 65mm 1970-71

We have a special item available For Sale - A case of mint-in-baggie "Jack-In-The-Box" Jack Rabbit Specials, complete with unused decal sheets and metal lapel buttons.  Cars and pins are  mint - some decal sheets may be yellowed with age or have minor creases!  (Decal sheet is NOT a reproduction.) (See more pictures below)

This is a rare chance to own a case of the hardest-to-find Hot Wheels promotional items in original condition, as given out to Jack-In-The-Box customers, 30 YEARS ago (1970)!  Here is the description*:

This U.S. made convertible concept car has a metal chassis, opening trunk, light blue stripe down the middle, clear plastic windshield, plastic interior (black or white) and rsw (red stripe wheels).

Note: This model was "Bunny Car" in the cartoon series. Also, the Jack-In-The-Box decal sheet has been reproduced.

Similar casting: 6974 Sand Witch (1973)

.c. white with black ... interior, light blue stripe, decal sheet stapled to plastic baggie holding car.  Sheet has two sets of 3 red stripes, red and black Jack-in-the-box logo, black "1" in red circle, red Hot Wheel logo, red & black "Jack Rabbit" Special & black "Jack-in-the-box" with picture of the car with decals. Unopened
$400 loose, $450 unopened

Pictures below

*from the 3rd Edition of the
Tomarts Price Guide to Hot Wheels by Mike Strauss.

Photos - Click on image to see larger photo
Bottom View Top View
Left View 3/4 Top View Left 3/4 Top View Right Right View
3/4 Front View Front View Rear View 3/4 Rear View
Decal Sheet stapled to Baggie Original Plastic Bag Lapel Button inside package Complete Promo Set (baggie not shown)
Medium large view of front of decal Detail of Back and Front of Decal with Ruler Lapel Button Detail

See More images of car and original shipping case!

Car shown in photos was removed from package for photography.  Car for sale is identical - mint in unopened original package with lapel button and original decal sheet.

Shipped via USPS Priority Mail with Return Receipt and Insurance for final bid amount

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Jack in The Box

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