Spring Garden House provides other software development services in addition to Internet web site development. For 20 years, our developer has specialized in professional software for several companies in the library and medical industries. As a full-time employee, he designed, developed and implemented many applications and systems. General areas of expertise include
  • Networking
  • HL7 Interfaces
  • Inventory Control
  • Medical Systems
  • Library Systems
  • Web Development
  • Web Application Development
  • PC Software

Current in-house projects include

The logo seen at the top of this page is a simple Java Script that changes the image when the mouse is waved over it. Examples of Perl Scripts can be seen on the Die Cast Pro Site (Feedback form, Condition Wizard Registration, and the random photos that are displayed on various pages in Die Cast Pro.)

Spring Garden believes that software should be reliable, easy to maintain, and perform according to the requirements set forth by the client and end user. To that end we engage in a detailed analysis and design phase that involves all members of the client and their end users. We can provide solutions, large and small, in the following environments:

  • Unix (primarily SunOS and Sun Solaris)
  • VMS (Digital)
  • Windows
  • M (Formerly known as MUMPS)
  • Internet
  • Documentum
  • WebSphere
  • ColdFusion

We can provide database solutions using the following database technologies

  • Oracle
  • Dbase
  • Informix
  • MS Access
  • SQL Server
  • M (formerly known as MUMPS)

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