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Hot Wheels - The Definitive Wheel Chart

From the creators of the Online Wheel Chart comes this, the definitive photo reference to every known wheel ever attached to a Mattel Hot Wheels vehicle. At this time, this chart is incomplete. Due to the scope of this task, we are still preparing images of some wheels. This chart will be updated as soon as these images are created.

Each wheel on this page is a thumbnail image that leads to a larger image. All wheels shown here were photographed at the same magnification. The size of each wheel in relation to others on this chart is visually correct.

We have intentionally not named the wheels with abbreviations. There are many different abbreviations for a given wheel. It was felt that publishing the images first was the most important (and major) task. For now, the full size image is displayed on a separate page with a plain description of the wheel. In time we may add the popular abbreviations to the individual pages.

We will also try to break this index page into separate index pages by type as soon as possible. Please accept our apology for the time it takes to load this page...

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Seven Spoke Silver (Medium) Seven Spoke Silver (small)
Lace or Wire Wheel Silver (small)
Three Spoke Silver (Large) - DD3, 3SP
Three Spoke Silver (small)


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