Canon EOS 5D Mark II BG E6 Battery Grip

Canon EOS 5d Mark II with Battery Grip

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Battery Grip

Canon EOS 5d Mark II Battery Grip BG-E6

Canon EOS 5d Mark II with Battery Grip

I have always gone out with at least two batteries.  I have often used both batteries and found myself charging one in order to be able to shoot.  Consequently, I decided to start out with the Battery Grip because it holds two batteries and comes with a battery clip so that regular double-A batteries (AA) may be used as a back-up alternative to the rechargeable batteries made for the camera.

The other benefit of the battery grip is to provide a larger handle for the camera.  As I have large hands, I have found the camera handles better for me because of the larger grip area.  An added bonus of the grip is the second set of controls that comes into play when the camera is held in Portrait orientation.








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