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Click to Enlarge - Rutland MA 1973 - Mark Geoffroy photographic frog Click to Enlarge - Templeton MA 1973 - RICOH Singlex TLS

Way back in 1973 I wanted to get into SLR photography.  I was the yearbook photographer and the school-issued Yashica-D wasn't cool enough.  My mentor (shown in the picture above photographing a frog) had an Asahi Pentax but that was a little out of reach for my budget.  A friend had a RICOH TLS-401 and defended it fiercely.  I had a Hanimex Praktica Nova 1B.

RICOH Singlex TLS Manual


Click to Enlarge - Templeton MA 1972 - Hanimex Praktica Nova 1B

He suggested I get the SINGLEX TLS.  So I did.  Mine was a chrome version of the same camera shown in the picture at the top of this page.  I later sold that camera for what I paid for it and purchased a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic II.  But that's another story.  This camera was acquired much later when I back-filled some of the cameras I have owned and opted to get the relatively more uncommon black version of the SINGLEX TLS.  It has a later lens mounted that I purchased to use with my Pentax Stereo attachment.

RICOH SINGLEX TLS - Click to Enlarge

RICOH SINGLEX TLS - Click to Enlarge


RICOH SINGLEX TLS - Click to Enlarge


RICOH Singlex TLS Manual


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