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Here are some of the different screw-mount lenses that Pentax made in the '60's and '70's.  I have provided technical information in addition to the photos of the lenses, as well as photos made with the lenses.  There are also a number of 3rd-party lenses that might be interesting.  Enjoy!

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10/21/09 - Use of Super-Multi-Coated Takumar lenses with Canon EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR and electronic lens adapter with focus assist.

In an effort to make greater use of these wonderful lenses, I have purchased a new digital camera (non-Pentax) and lens mount adapter, to enable the use of these lenses.

Pentax Screw-mount (M42) to Canon EOS Lens Mount Adapter

Pentax K-mount to Canon EOS Lens Mount Adapter

Olympus OM System to Canon EOS Lens Mount Adapter

I have posted a detailed write-up of this acquisition here, describing my original requirements and considerations, the equipment purchased, and a list of Asahi Pentax lenses (nearly all) compatible with the new camera.  Read more here.

I am in process of updating the lens write-up pages with images made with this new digital SLR and the corresponding Takumar lens.  I am very pleased with this "marriage" and see a new life for these beautiful vintage lenses!


Takumar Interchangeable Lenses Operating Manual
Download the Takumar Interchangeable
Lenses Operating Manual!

Detail Page from Honeywell Pentax Takumar Lens Manual
Download the Honeywell Pentax Takumar Manual - Huge!  Very hard to find!
This is NOT the Lens Manual provided with lenses!

Pentax 110 Lenses Manual Cover
Download the Pentax-110 Lenses Manual


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